Dr. Babyl: Artificial Intelligence Could Save Lives, Time and Money — TheDailyBeast.com

Itchy throat? Headache? Upset stomach? There’s an app for that. There is a new AI healthcare system called Babylon UK’s National Health Service which […]

Oracle Health Sciences on Pharmacovigilance and Artificial Intelligence

“The potential to use artificial intelligence methods increasingly for the analysis of the increasing amounts of pharmacovigilance data is well understood and many companies […]

Artificial Intelligence in the Drug and Device Industries

Are Data Divers and Miners Going to Lead Innovation?
The big tech companies are into it. Apple, IBM and Google. Roche is into it. Medtronic, […]

McLoughlin on Artificial Intelligence in Banking

“Capital adequacy requirements are not the only kind of regulation that AI is helping banks to meet. An even bigger area is monitoring of […]

Brian Higgins’ A.I. Law Blog: Will Facebook Facial Recognition Case be a Referendum on A.I.?

When most of us upload our selfies and photo bombs to the web, and some do it more than is healthy and way more […]

Northeast Corporate Counsel Forum | April 24, 2018 | New York

Episode one of Insurance & Artificial Intelligence: How do AI and internet of things impact the insurance industry? (From Argo Group)

A world of data available today is creating changes in commerce — including the insurance industry.
For those involved in risk assessment, new data techniques […]