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PTSD Claims Brought by Facebook’s ‘Graphic Content’ Reviewers Goes to ADR, Putting Civil Action on Pause

By Tom Hagy

Facebook can be great fun. How else would I have seen a video of an eight-year-old drummer-girl utterly thrashing Led Zeppelin’s Good […]

The Opioid Addiction Story: What Tort Attorneys Should Know | Complimentary OnDemand


With Forensic Psychiatrist and Addiction Specialist David Kan, M.D., D.F.A.S.A.M., and healthcare attorney Harry Nelson of Nelson Hardiman, LLP, author of United States of […]

Canna Law Blog Reviews Hemp-CBD Regulations State-by-State, Week-by-Week

“When it comes to hemp, few states have embraced it like Colorado,” writes Harris Bricken attorney Daniel Shortt. “If you buy a product containing […]

New Class Settlement Rules & Structures presented by Western Alliance Bank


PTSD in Multi-Plaintiff and Mass Tort Cases | Webinar OnDemand

CNN — Jury returns $2 billion verdict against Monsanto for couple with cancer — the biggest so far

Read the complete post by Michael Nedelman on here!

Tort Settlement Lien Resolution | HB Encore

Major Women’s Event: “Force for Change” | Nov. 14, 2019 | Newark, NJ

“When women work alone they have power. When women work together they have impact.”

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Philadelphia Jury Hits J&J with $120M Award in Mesh Injury Case — Law360

The Need for Real MDL Rules Will Only Grow More Acute — Drug and Device Law Blog

By Bexis 


This is an excellent blog. One of my favorites. It’s unapologetically defense-oriented, of course. A phrase like “gamed the system” is practically an […]

A Generic Drug Failure to Warn Claim? –Michelle Hart Yeary


Private Calif. Plaintiffs Seemingly Enforcing FDCA, Drug & Device Law Blog Says

“Doctors treated two plaintiffs for severe psychological problems, ultimately employing defendant’s Thymatron System IV to perform electroconvulsive therapy. Plaintiffs claimed that, as a result, […]

Million-Dollar Settlement in Employee Background Check Case, Top Class Actions Reports


“Job applicants have secured a $1.2 million settlement ending allegations that Maxim Healthcare did not properly inform potential employees that they would have a […]

Attorney General Ferguson of Washington Sues State’s Top Opioid Distributers

“We are woefully under-resourced when it comes to treatment. The people who are responsible for this epidemic should being paying for it. We are […]

AccessData to Host 2019 User Summit in Las Vegas, April 8-11

Renowned experts in fields of forensics, cybersecurity and digital investigations headline conference for forensics and legal professionals
For Immediate Release
February 20, 2019 | 09:35 AM […]

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Tort Settlement Lien Resolution | OnDemand

Two Judges Find Florida Medical Marijuana Law Unconstitutional

The Program is ‘Absolutely Broken’ — Now What?
Edited by Tom Hagy
Florida Circuit Judge Karen Gievers just held that the Florida medical marijuana law is […]

Stigma and Shame Hampered AIDS Treatment in the 80s, and Opioid Treatment Today

By Tom Hagy
I worked in the press office of the New Jersey Department of Health in the 1980s. Aside from hazardous waste, asbestos, cancer, […]

VW Emissions Case: Dealers to File Cert Motion in March 2019

Insurance Coverage Issues Arising from Opioid Litigation and Investigations | HB OnDemand

Mass Tort Settlement Lien Resolution | 11/29/2018

PFOA: Science & Litigation | 11/15/2018