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Million-Dollar Settlement in Employee Background Check Case, Top Class Actions Reports


“Job applicants have secured a $1.2 million settlement ending allegations that Maxim Healthcare did not properly inform potential employees that they would have a […]

Abacus Maximus: REIMAGINE

Cyber Security Summit | Philadelphia | April 25

Health Care Cyber Security Update

Dan Mogin: Antitrust, Pro-Privacy Moves Led Outside U.S.

In a move that could redefine how 2.6 billion people use Facebook Messenger and Facebook’s acquired WhatsApp and Instagram apps, The New York Times reported […]

Attorney General Ferguson of Washington Sues State’s Top Opioid Distributers

“We are woefully under-resourced when it comes to treatment. The people who are responsible for this epidemic should being paying for it. We are […]

Health Care Cyber Security Update

AccessData to Host 2019 User Summit in Las Vegas, April 8-11

Renowned experts in fields of forensics, cybersecurity and digital investigations headline conference for forensics and legal professionals
For Immediate Release
February 20, 2019 | 09:35 AM […]

Hurricane Insurance Claims: Practical Lessons from 2017 Claims as 2018 Numbers Swell

South Korea, EU Having ‘Adequacy’ Discussions

Because of its robust network connectedness, its advanced use of mobile devices and its rich collection of intellectual property, South Korea is a leading […]

Financial Institutions Struggle to Keep Up with ‘Changing Business Needs’ Such as Social Mobile Apps, and Getting Risk Data Quickly, Deloitte Report Suggests

Deloitte’s report is based on a survey of 94 financial institutions around the world that operate in a range of financial sectors and with aggregate […]

Mandiant: “Dwell Time” Down in North America, but Way Up Elsewhere

Two Judges Find Florida Medical Marijuana Law Unconstitutional

The Program is ‘Absolutely Broken’ — Now What?
Edited by Tom Hagy
Florida Circuit Judge Karen Gievers just held that the Florida medical marijuana law is […]

Insurance for Today’s Emerging Regulatory Cyber Security and Privacy Exposures: Coverage for GDPR, CCPA and More

Stigma and Shame Hampered AIDS Treatment in the 80s, and Opioid Treatment Today

By Tom Hagy
I worked in the press office of the New Jersey Department of Health in the 1980s. Aside from hazardous waste, asbestos, cancer, […]

Getting the Right Cyber Insurance for Your Enterprise and Avoiding Pitfalls that Can Jeopardize Coverage | On Demand

Mitigating Operational Cyber Risk: As Business Technology Changes, So Does Your Risk Profile

By Tom Hagy
The various risks of doing business in our digitally connected world continue to evolve.  So must the approach organizations take in confronting those risks, for […]

Medical Marijuana in Florida: Law, Litigation & Practical Considerations

Enactment of the Florida Medical Marijuana Program Sparks as Much Growth in Litigation as it Does Cannabis
Don’t miss this opportunity to get some clarity […]

Aon SVP Belfiore on Corporate Cyber Risk

Cyber Risk of Paramount Concern to Corporate Boards
Lack of History Remains a Challenge
“Cyber security is the most polarizing issue on the corporate board agenda […]

Cyber Risks Enter a New and Increasingly Vicious Phase

For anyone plotting the evolution of cyber risks, the last phase of cyber-attacks was dominated by breaches that resulted in lost or stolen personal […]

Foggan & Huggins on Opioid Litigation Defense Coverage

Is a drug company that’s sued in connection with the manufacture, promotion and distribution of opioids covered by its insurer for defense costs?
According to […]

Getting the Right Cyber Insurance for Your Enterprise and Avoiding Pitfalls that Can Jeopardize Coverage | Dec. 11, 2018

Hurricane Insurance Claims: Practical Lessons from 2017 Claims as 2018 Numbers Swell

Kenneth Jones of Tanenbaum Keale on Law Firm Tech Development Capabilities

Should Law Firms Should be Able to Develop Custom Technologies?
Here is #10 of Jones’ Top-10 List.
#10. Security. The cloud is great, and generally speaking, […]

U.S. Privacy & Security Courses On-Demand from the Privacy+Security Academy

HB is pleased to connect you with sophisticated online education produced by privacy and security thought leaders Dan Solove and Paul Schwartz, also the […]