South Korea, EU Having ‘Adequacy’ Discussions

Because of its robust network connectedness, its advanced use of mobile devices and its rich collection of intellectual property, South Korea is a leading […]

Digital Technology Housekeeping for In-House Counsel | 2/2/2019

Financial Services Cyber Risk Information Sharing

Why We Need to be More Like Apes, Less Like Seagulls
By Tom Hagy

Featuring Craigg Ballance, Director of Canadian Member Services, FS-ISAC

Even before we can […]

A.I. Best Practices: Rules and Policies for Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Business

Protected: Insurance Coverage re Opioid Claims | Oct. 00

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International Cyber Risk Management Conference | April 15-16, 2019 | Toronto

Courtney Klein on Social Media & Security

A Restructured Paradigm for Corporate Teamwork
By Courtney Klein of Soteria Risk Consultants
Social media has become an integral part of everyday life. It’s how some […]

A.I. Best Practices: Rules and Policies for Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Business

Halligan, Weyland on Cybersecurity, Trade Secret Asset Management and the Defend Trade Secret Act of 2016

“Cybersecurity protection against outsider theft has largely succeeded, if competently crafted business methods are strictly followed. The more intractable problem of insider theft is […]

International Cyber Risk Management Conference | Dec. 6-7, 2018 | Bermuda

Ransomware Attacks Against U.S. Healthcare | On Demand

Cyber Security Summit: Seattle | July 19, 2018


Regulators in Cyberia: A Whitepaper from the Regulatory Transparency Project

“The Internet’s pioneers hardly envisioned the dramatic growth and transformation that characterize today’s Internet. A relative lack of regulation accelerated early digital innovation,” wrote […]

News Release re HB Corporate Counsel and Cyber Risk Programs April 2018

For Immediate Release | Download PDF 
Cyber Attacks on U.S. Power Grids, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Blockchain Security – Upcoming HB Seminars Address These […]

Attempt to Kill via Cyber Attack

“The only thing that prevented an explosion was a mistake in the attackers’ computer code,” the investigators said.
From the New York Times March 15, […]

The Insurance Lifecycle of a Ransomware Attack | April 10 | 2pm


Critical Infrastructure & Cybersecurity | March 13 | 2pm

Homeowner Hurricane Insurance Claims

Ransomware Attacks Against U.S. Healthcare | Webinar On-Demand

Is Cyber War the Same as Actual War?

If your company suffers a cyber attack attack by a foreign power, is that an act of war? Is it your responsibility or right […]

Hildebrandt: Law Firms Must Consider Cyber Sector Risks

In its 2018 Client Advisory, Hildebrandt Consulting LLC, shared insights and trends we’ve come to expect from this leading monitor of the legal market. […]

Blockchain Security | Cyber Sector Risk | Seminar and Live Webstream | April 25, 2018 | New York


Join us in New York on April 25, 2018 — or participate via live webstream* — for this half-day morning seminar designed to give […]

From McDonald Hopkins: What you can learn from Google Docs email scam

Excerpt from post by Christine N. Czuprynski of McDonald Hopkins
A malicious phishing virus that impersonated Google Docs was discovered and quickly shut down […]

From Marsh: Should Cybersecurity Be a Catch-All for Disruptive Tech Risks?

Excerpt from an article by Thomas Quigley, Communications, Media & Technology, US Practice Leader, Marsh
The mention of disruptive technology risks often spurs a laser […]

Industry Groups Don’t Love More Powerful FTC in Cyber Security Space

As written by Jaikumar Vijayan, correspondent for CS Monitor

“With a court ruling reaffirming the Federal Trade Commission’s ability to police corporate cybersecurity practices, and […]