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New Litigation Journal Coming This Summer!

HB, Fastcase Partner to Publish Law Street Media’s Journal of Emerging Issues in  Litigation 

March 19, 2020
Media Contact:
Jennifer Brand Ransom | Fastcase Media […]

Wage & Hour Litigation & Enforcement Webinar | Feb. 18, 2020

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Western Alliance Bank and University of San Diego School of Law present
March 4-5, 2020 […]

Juul Vaping Litigation Webinar | Feb. 5, 2020


You may also be interested in this!

Western Alliance Bank and University of San Diego School of Law presents
March 4-5, 2020 […]

Developing a Privacy Training Program for Your Workforce | A Privacy+Security Forum Webinar


The Intersection of Antitrust & Privacy | A MoginRubin Webinar | 10.31.2019

Moderator & Speaker
Daniel J.  Mogin, Managing Partner, MoginRubin LLP. Dan concentrates on antitrust, unfair competition and complex and business litigation. He has been selected […]

The Opioid Addiction Story: What Tort Attorneys Should Know | Complimentary OnDemand


With Forensic Psychiatrist and Addiction Specialist David Kan, M.D., D.F.A.S.A.M., and healthcare attorney Harry Nelson of Nelson Hardiman, LLP, author of United States of […]

Canna Law Blog Reviews Hemp-CBD Regulations State-by-State, Week-by-Week

“When it comes to hemp, few states have embraced it like Colorado,” writes Harris Bricken attorney Daniel Shortt. “If you buy a product containing […]

Setting the record straight on cyber insurance claim denials and the ‘war exclusion’

Is insurance coverage for cyber claims barred by a war exclusion?  Judy Selby and Peter McLaughlin asked this question in a recent post for […]

Maximize Insurance Coverage: Technology Risks, Cyber Crime & Regulatory Exposures


ISO 27001 & The GDPR:
 Identifying Overlap and Streamlining Efforts | Replay & OnDemand

This is based on a session presented at the Privacy+Security Forum in Washington, DC, chaired by Professors Daniel Solove and Paul Schwartz.  Join us […]

Cyber Captive Survey 2019 — AON

Aon’s Cyber Captive Survey 2019 says that the rapid growth in the captive market of cyber-specific policies underscores that cyber is one of the […]

Nevada to try limited banking for cash-heavy pot industry —

Most marijuana dispensaries are forced to handle massive amounts of cash. Business owners are paying their employees with envelopes full of dollar bills, and […]

First Class Action Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Victims of First American Title Company Data Breach — Yahoo!

“Gibbs Law Group LLP has filed the first nationwide class action lawsuit accusing First American Title Company of failing to properly secure 885 million […]

Wells Fargo Proposes to Settle Auto Insurance Case for $386M — Yahoo!

In 2017 customers of Wells Fargo & Company (WFC) filed a class action lawsuit alleging the bank forced unwanted auto insurance without permission from […]

Hemp & CBD Law: The Future of a Booming But Largely Unregulated Industry | Complimentary OnDemand


Maximize Insurance Coverage: Technology Risks, Cyber Crime & Regulatory Exposures



The Future of Cyber Operations and the Government

In the forthcoming National Defense Authorization Act the House Armed Services Committee — specifically the Subcommittee on Intelligence and Emerging Threat Capabilities — seeks […]

The New York Privacy Act Would Allow Direct Action

The New York Privacy Act,  introduced last month by state Sen. Kevin Thomas, advocates for consumer agency over their personal data and would give […]

CannaLawBlog — Legalizing Cannabis Cash

On May 20, 2019 banking associations from all 50 states and 1 territory sent a letter to Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee […]

Dr. Babyl: Artificial Intelligence Could Save Lives, Time and Money —

Itchy throat? Headache? Upset stomach? There’s an app for that. There is a new AI healthcare system called Babylon UK’s National Health Service which […]

The Wrong-Headedness of Hindsight Standards — Michelle Yeary | Drug & Device Law Blog

Dechert LLP attorney Michelle Yeary cautions against applying perfect hindsight to drug liability.
“We all know hindsight is 20/20.  And, it’s easy.  There are dozens […]

J&J Hit with $120 Million Verdict at Mesh Trial

A Philadelphia jury returned a $120 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson after finding that a negligently designed pelvic mesh implant caused chronic pain […]

Suits Allege Apple Concealed Knowledge of iPhone 7 Defect

Apple Inc. has been sued in federal courts in Illinois and California for allegedly knowingly selling iPhone 7 and 7 plus models with an […]

Artificial Intelligence: DeepMind on Debugging Learned Predictive Models

DeepMind, an artificial intelligence research company, in a recent blog post discusses three ways to eliminate bugs in learned predictive models. The company was […]

Top Five Things to Know if You’re Building Your Cannabis Empire Through M&A — CannaLawBlog

Cannabis is associated with calm. Joining the industry is anything but.

Hilary Bricken already has nearly a decade of experience in the field of […]