“Cybersecurity protection against outsider theft has largely succeeded, if competently crafted business methods are strictly followed. The more intractable problem of insider theft is now the major concern, and traditional cybersecurity methods are unavailing. The ever-higher digital barriers placed around the corporation and its sensitive data are no defense against data theft by people allowed inside the digital walls in the normal course of business.”

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R. Mark Halligan is a Partner and Trial Lawyer at FisherBroyles, LLP. Mr. Halligan has taught Advanced Trade Secrets Law in the John Marshall Law School LLM program for 24 years.

Richard F. Weyand is the President of the Trade Secret Office, Inc. www.thetso.com

See R. Mark Halligan and Richard F. Weyand Trade Secret Asset Management 2018: A Guide to Information and Asset Management Including RICO and Blockchainavailable on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/0997070986