International Cyber Risk Management Conference | Dec. 6-7, 2018 | Bermuda

Congressional Cannabis Proposal Would Can Criminalization

Could this be the thing that brings the parties together?
Here is a quote from an article written for by freelance writer Janet Burns.

[Jolene […]

Renown Big Data Scientist Jeff Jonas Keynoting at Privacy+Security Forum

This acclaimed big data scientist will discuss:
The Data Challenges Inherent in GDPR Implementation
Conference founders and co-chairs Dan Solove and Paul Schwartz have announced the […]

Brian Higgins’ A.I. Law Blog: Will Facebook Facial Recognition Case be a Referendum on A.I.?

When most of us upload our selfies and photo bombs to the web, and some do it more than is healthy and way more […]

Ransomware Attacks Against U.S. Healthcare | On Demand

The Urgency of Cyber Threats to U.S. and Global Critical Infrastructures | Video Session

As posted on YouTube:

I was truly honored to have such a great panel present at our Cyber Sector Risk: Critical Infrastructure seminar in New […]

Miller Friel: Opioid Suppliers Are Right to Expect Insurance Coverage

An excerpt from a post by Bernard Bell of Miller Friel PLLC

“Because insurers are facing a difficult time evading coverage for opioid claims, they […]