A.I. Best Practices: Rules and Policies for Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Business

McLoughlin on Artificial Intelligence in Banking

“Capital adequacy requirements are not the only kind of regulation that AI is helping banks to meet. An even bigger area is monitoring of […]

Joshua Gold on Cyber Crime and Insurance

With the amount of trickery going into thefts and embezzlements these days, crime insurance companies too often use the many steps involved in a […]

Halligan, Weyland on Cybersecurity, Trade Secret Asset Management and the Defend Trade Secret Act of 2016

“Cybersecurity protection against outsider theft has largely succeeded, if competently crafted business methods are strictly followed. The more intractable problem of insider theft is […]

Willis Towers Watson: Cyber Risk Top D&O Concern

Based on their survey, Willis Towers Watson says cyber risk continues to top the list of concerns for directors and officers (right up there […]

RSA’s Zulfikar Ramzan on Blockchain

Is blockchain as impenetrable as people think? Or as necessary?
It’s not predicated on the same type of cryptographic security that we’ve seen historically, but […]

Right to Try Act: Commentary Roundup

A Life Saver, Political Grandstand, or Harmful Scam?
Depends on Who You Ask. And When.

It’s been two months since President Donald J. Trump signed into […]

Judy Selby on Improving Cyber and Privacy Board Reporting


“While general awareness of cyber risks among corporate boards is increasing, even the most motivated and knowledgeable directors cannot effectively fulfill their duties without receiving […]

BitSight Releases eBook on Use of A.I. & Big Data in Continuous Cyber Risk Monitoring

“With every reported data breach or cyberattack, the cyber risk landscape gets a little more complex. Cyber criminals create new attack vectors, cybersecurity professionals […]

Crowell & Moring on Insurance for Autonomous Vehicles Accidents

“As responsibility for accidents shifts away from drivers and towards the companies that design, manufacture, and maintain autonomous vehicles, the pool of companies potentially […]

Crowell & Moring on D&O Corporate Liability for Cyber Claims

“Although many commentators have noted the potential exposure for cyber claims in the form of shareholder actions under D&O coverage, little attention has been […]

CBD: Confusing Regulations May Soon Find at Least Some Clarity — But Proceed With Caution

By Tom Hagy
July 16, 2018
Proponents say the medical benefits are many and magnificent.
You can feel better without feeling stoned.  While that will be […]

CBD: Legal or Not? | Webinar | Aug. 16, 2018 | 2pm

California Enacts the ‘First Truly Sweeping Privacy Regime’ in Record Time

The California legislature — apparently not wanting to be pegged as just another slow-moving governing body — took the California Consumer Privacy Act of […]

Complex Post-Settlement Liens | Webinar | July 26, 2018 | 2pm