Hurricane Insurance Claims: Practical Lessons from 2017 Claims as 2018 Numbers Swell

South Korea, EU Having ‘Adequacy’ Discussions

Because of its robust network connectedness, its advanced use of mobile devices and its rich collection of intellectual property, South Korea is a leading […]

Financial Institutions Struggle to Keep Up with ‘Changing Business Needs’ Such as Social Mobile Apps, and Getting Risk Data Quickly, Deloitte Report Suggests

Deloitte’s report is based on a survey of 94 financial institutions around the world that operate in a range of financial sectors and with aggregate […]

Digital Technology Housekeeping for In-House Counsel | 3/15/2019

Mandiant: “Dwell Time” Down in North America, but Way Up Elsewhere

Protected: Presentation Download Center for Class Action Mastery Forum | Jan. 15-17, 2019 | San Diego

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Tort Settlement Lien Resolution | OnDemand

Two Judges Find Florida Medical Marijuana Law Unconstitutional

The Program is ‘Absolutely Broken’ — Now What?
Edited by Tom Hagy
Florida Circuit Judge Karen Gievers just held that the Florida medical marijuana law is […]

Insurance for Today’s Emerging Regulatory Cyber Security and Privacy Exposures: Coverage for GDPR, CCPA and More

Stigma and Shame Hampered AIDS Treatment in the 80s, and Opioid Treatment Today

By Tom Hagy
I worked in the press office of the New Jersey Department of Health in the 1980s. Aside from hazardous waste, asbestos, cancer, […]