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Stigma and Shame Hampered AIDS Treatment in the 80s, and Opioid Treatment Today

By Tom Hagy
I worked in the press office of the New Jersey Department of Health in the 1980s. Aside from hazardous waste, asbestos, cancer, […]

VW Emissions Case: Dealers to File Cert Motion in March 2019

Insurance Coverage Issues Arising from Opioid Litigation and Investigations | HB OnDemand

Mass Tort Settlement Lien Resolution | 11/29/2018

PFOA: Science & Litigation | 11/15/2018

Protected: JVR Webinar Template

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Kenneth Jones of Tanenbaum Keale on Law Firm Tech Development Capabilities

Should Law Firms Should be Able to Develop Custom Technologies?
Here is #10 of Jones’ Top-10 List.
#10. Security. The cloud is great, and generally speaking, […]

Traumatic Brain Injury Claims | On Demand

Neuropsychological Evidence in Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Cognitive Shortcuts: Assessing Case Value & Litigation Risk with Homer Simpson and Spock

By Jeff Trueman, Esq.
The central question on the minds of counsel, their clients, and insurance professionals in civil litigation is, of course, “What’s the […]

Complex Post-Settlement Liens | CLE Course | Recorded July 26, 2018

Alliance of Women Trial Lawyers | First Fall Conference 2018 | Oct. 27-29, 2018 | New Orleans


HB Announces Alliance with Alliance of Women Trial Lawyers


We are proud to announce our latest alliance with a new trial attorneys group just for women on the plaintiff side of tort litigation.
Founded by […]

Defending Concussion & Traumatic Brain Injury Claims | Sept. 12 | 2pm ET

Neuropsychological Evidence in Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury Cases:
How to Use What You Learn to Mount a Winning Defense

Protected: Insurance Coverage re Opioid Claims | Oct. 00

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Oracle Health Sciences on Pharmacovigilance and Artificial Intelligence

“The potential to use artificial intelligence methods increasingly for the analysis of the increasing amounts of pharmacovigilance data is well understood and many companies […]

Artificial Intelligence in the Drug and Device Industries

Are Data Divers and Miners Going to Lead Innovation?
The big tech companies are into it. Apple, IBM and Google. Roche is into it. Medtronic, […]

Right to Try Act: Commentary Roundup

A Life Saver, Political Grandstand, or Harmful Scam?
Depends on Who You Ask. And When.

It’s been two months since President Donald J. Trump signed into […]

Complex Post-Settlement Liens | Webinar | July 26, 2018 | 2pm

Miller Friel: Opioid Suppliers Are Right to Expect Insurance Coverage

An excerpt from a post by Bernard Bell of Miller Friel PLLC

“Because insurers are facing a difficult time evading coverage for opioid claims, they […]

NLJ Reports on Plaintiff Idea to Get Around SCOTUS Door-Slam on Employee Class Actions

Non-Mutual Offensive Collateral Estoppel?
Rolls right off the tongue.
The National Law Journal quoted Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll’s Joseph Sellers as saying it’s a concept […]

How on Earth can a plaintiff plead and prove that a purported failure to report adverse events to the FDA caused him or her any injury?

Maybe a learned plaintiff attorney would like to weigh in, but for a defense commentary on the preemption — or not — of claims […]

Class Action Mastery Forum | Jan. 15-17, 2019 | San Diego


National Lead Litigation Conference | Oct. 15, 2018 | New York

Sorry, this event has been cancelled! Thanks to all who prepared and registered. We had a good run starting in 1992! –Tom



Drug & Device Defense Forum | Oct. 15, 2018 | New York

Sorry! This event has been cancelled. We had a good run for several years but all good things and all that. Look for the […]

Class Actions Weekly Roundup from Top Class Actions

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Walmart Class Action Claims Glucosamine Tablets are Mislabeled
Walmart has been hit with a class […]