PACE’s Petersen on Risk Transfer For Asbestos

Robert Petersen, Managing Director of PACE Claims Services, spoke at a recent HB Litigation Conference about the process for Risk Transfer in Asbestos cases and what considerations both the buyers and sellers must make in entering such a transaction. Petersen has numerous years of mass tort claims administration and provided [...]

VIDEO: Defense Attorney David Speziali Talks About Opening Statements

Opening statements in complex mass tort cases require defense attorneys to – among other things – boil the defenses down to their essence and back them up with illustrations, key evidence and clear timelines. Experienced toxic tort defense attorney David A. Speziali recently demonstrated his style and techniques in the context of a mock asbestos gasket injury case, where failure to warn was one of the primary allegations against the "defendant."

How State Courts Differ on Equipment Manufacturer Liability in Asbestos Cases

The question of whether equipment, valve and component manufacturers can be held liable for asbestos insulation or gaskets added by third parties has been a hot topic lately in tort law and was discussed in depth by a distinguished panel of attorneys during a teleconference hosted by HB Litigation Conferences on Dec. 15.

VIDEO: PACE’s Drew on Asbestos Litigation Trends

What is the long-term trend in the pace of asbestos claims filings? Bradley Drew, Managing Director, PACE Claims Services, talks about the decrease in total filings over the last seven years, but the steady influx of mesothelioma claims.

PowerPoint on Trial Part 2

Judges Share Pros & Cons, Risks & Rewards of Digital Presentations Judges gathered at an HB's Judicial Forum on Asbestos on June 3, 2009 for [...]

Asbestos Litigation 2009 – Part 2

Trouble Spot Centers on Transparency, Trusts and the Tort System By Tom Hagy* Perhaps the starkest difference between asbestos litigation 10 years ago and today – [...]