Frequently Asked Questions (well, we ask them)

How do I reach you? Call us at (484) 324-2755 or send us a note:

General Contact Info

Email: | Phone: (484) 324-2755 x200 | Address: P.O. Box 141, Clifton Heights, PA 19018-0141. Also, to reach us via this website or to submit a speaker proposal, click here. You can contact people individually via our Our Company page. Just scroll down and click on their respective “click here” links.

What if I want to speak at a conference or on a webinar, or have an idea?

We want to hear from you. Everyone here is friendly (usually) and will be delighted to help you or get you in touch with the right person. We also have programs to place speakers on panels for Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis and Bloomberg Law, plus we create programs for you to generate new business leads.  Ask us about our Lead-Generating Content Program.  Marketing directors find this incredibly useful!

Speaker Proposal

Oh. Who are you people anyway?

HB started off as the Mealey’s Conference Department.  We continue to run some of the same programs, but have branched into other areas and services, such as creating programs for companies and firms. As for our name, we borrowed the H from Hagy, but need to give it back so he won’t have to re-monogram his towels. Hagy has been Editor and Publisher of Mealey Publications Inc., Vice President of Litigation Content for LexisNexis, VP of Open Web Content at LexisNexis, and VP of the Specialized Information Publishers Association, or SIPA.  The B stands for  many of Tom’s favorite things, which include beer, boxing and blues (Howlin’ Wolf, baby!).  And his dad, Bill.   Drink responsibly.

What is HB Litigation Conferences’ mission?

Our mission is to make HB Litigation Conferences not only the premier provider of Insurance, Mass Torts,  Construction, and Professional Development conferences, content and networking.  We also strive to be one of the finest partners our chairs and speakers can have.

How do I keep up with what you’re doing?

Well, if you haven’t reported us for SPAM violations or blocked our emails, we try to keep folks posted that way; otherwise we consider our new Web site the best representation of what we are planning and what content we have that might be of interest to you.

Do HB Litigation Conferences programs earn CLE?

Absolutely.  We enjoy accredited provider status, meaning our content is presumptively approved to earn credit, in 16 states.  In addition, we make application for approval to 25 other state CLE Commissions. Accreditation of any course is always at the discretion of the Commission, however our content is exemplary.  For more information write to us at

Who reports the CLE earned?

That depends on your state(s) of license.  A good majority of states will accept an attendance report from the sponsor.  This report is required to bear your signature and bar number.  HB Litigation Conferences reports to these states within thirty days of the program.  Some states will only accept documentation directly from their attorney member.  You will be provided with a certificate of attendance to document your participation and the number of credits earned, to be submitted with your compliance report.

What if I lose my forms?

First, there is a lot of yelling, followed by ear-pulling.  Inevitably someone gets pushed.  Harsh words are exchanged. Feelings are hurt.  Birthday card lists are edited.  Then we move on . . .   When attending an HB Litigation Conferences program, be it a live conference or teleconference, you will be requested to sign a state specific attendance roster.  This is our documentation of your participation.  You will then be provided with a certificate of attendance.  In the event you have signed the roster, we can simply send you a duplicate certificate.  If you overlooked the CLE process in its entirety, we can verify your attendance through our registration documentation and help you report your credits in retrospect.  Write to us at

What is the best way to register?

Because you may have follow-up questions or may not know of discounting opportunities, we advise you contact Brownie Bokelman, now a director in our LLC, at (484) 324-2755 x212, or by email at  Also, registering in advance will help you avoid walk-in charges for those who do not register in advance.  This is necessary to ensure we have a reliable headcount to give to hotels, some of which are often cranky and inflexible when it comes to these things. Don’t get us started on the rental fee for an easel, for example.

What is your scholarship or financial aid policy?

We’re glad you asked. We offer full and partial discounts to folks in various categories, including judges, students, government employees and others. For full details please visit our Financial Aid Policy page.

What if I have a CLE question not answered here?

HB Litigation Conferences is happy to assist you in any way.  Feel free to contact our CLE Department at and they be able to address your specific concern, or provide an MCLE Commission contact for your particular state of license.

Special Needs

If you have any special needs, please contact us at 484-324-2755 x200 or or at least three weeks prior to the conference to allow us time to make reasonable accommodations.

Cancellation Policy

Substitutions are welcome at any time, but HB Litigation Conferences reserves the right to publicly humiliate you by Photoshopping you into pirate garb on the internet.  We cherish our right to snicker, roll our eyes, or  make the classic nose-pinch gesture that calls into question your personal hygiene when your name comes up.  Cancellations must be received in writing , preferably on wallboard in crayon, which in no way precludes us from performing the aforementioned antics the next time we see you or hear your name.  OK.  Just kidding (in case you couldn’t tell).  We just hate it when you don’t come to our events.  See HB Litigation Conferences’ cancellation policies below (really, watch how grown up we can be).

Cancellation Policy – Live Conferences

Registrants who provide notice of cancellation before 5 p.m. EST one month prior to conference will receive a full refund. Those canceling after 5 p.m. EST one month prior to the conference, and up to 5 p.m. EST one week prior to the conference will receive a credit, minus a $100 administration fee, toward a future HB Litigation conference. Cancellations received after 5 p.m. EST one week prior to the conference are subject to a 50 percent administrative fee. The balance may be applied as a credit toward a future conference. Registrants who have paid for the conference but do not attend without giving prior notice of cancellation forfeit a refund or credit. All credits must be used within 12 months of the date they are issued. Note: Substitutions may be made at any time.