We know you’re burning* to tell the legal and business world what you know.

We run conferences and webinars on complex mass torts, emerging areas of litigation, cyber risk, data privacy, insurance, corporate compliance, and many other subjects. In addition we create webinars and seminars for other organizations on virtually any legal subject. * Or it could be a stress rash. Not to be taken lightly, as we’ve done here.   

Write to us if you have an idea for:

  • An existing HB conference
  • A new conference or webinar
  • An event you would like to produce for your organization
Please complete the form at right, or for a more complete proposal you may download and complete our form: Speaker Proposal v1 HBLC –– then send it to Ideas@LitigationConferences.com.

We also accept articles and blog posts for inclusion on our site and to share them programs, if appropriate. 

If you’ve got nothing, I thoroughly enjoy silly photos of your pets and life-altering observations. However, I despise practical jokes and those who execute them. That’s right, I’m talking to you, Mom.

Tom Hagy
Founder & Managing Director
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