New Alliance of Women Trial Lawyers Announces First Event in New Orleans

Congratulations to Nancy Holston on the formation of the Alliance of Women Trial Lawyers. HB is proud to support this group and a mission that is dear to our hearts — promoting the careers of women professionals.

Nancy has been successful at building events for plaintiff attorneys — some you may have probably attended! — and it’s great to see her strike out on her own to develop something she believes in.

Take a minute to learn more about the AWTL, and see who is speaking at their first event.


AWTL Vision

To create a community that inspires and empowers women trial lawyers, the Alliance is passionately committed to the purpose of the family of women lawyers. We support women who take responsibility for successful relationships with other professionals. The Alliance of Women Trial Lawyers advances the influence and impact of women in the legal community.

We aim to represent the intelligence, creativity, complexity and diversity of women lawyers’ experience — across nation, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation and economic background.

The Alliance will provide an environment for women lawyers to lead, inspire, and mentor other women lawyers. We hope to help women litigators to embrace their power, purpose, and value, and to take responsibility for their relationships.

Check out the complete agenda and faculty!