Over the years we’ve seen instances where attendees took something someone said at our conferences and used it against them in court.  Hey, I’m not naive enough to think anyone frantically trolling a conference like a discovery pond is going to listen to me, but I hope they will think about the bigger picture if they see our  . . . .

Attendee Agreement (a first draft)

By registering for this event you agree that you are attending in the spirit of education, idea sharing and networking. Unless specifically characterized as such, the spoken and written presentations delivered by our speakers are not intended to be used as evidence against the speakers in legal or other adversarial proceedings, but solely to advance your knowledge, skills and legal professionalism. To use the presentations for adversarial purposes against members of our faculty would seriously undermine the intent of the events and chill our presenters’ ability to speak openly and candidly, thus compromising the educational value t0 all attendees (oh, right, that includes you).  We appreciate your understanding and compliance with this agreement.  If you don’t, well, you’re an ass.

OK, that last line was for my own amusement.  And I insert it as an example of the kind of behavior that can diminish the value and credibility of our events.  

Thoughts, serious or otherwise, are welcome.  

Tom Hagy