JLT Speciality USA recently released a white paper sharing its insights on what a Board of Directors can do to mitigate the risk of data breaches.

JLTLogo“What is a Board to do when they can’t cross their fingers and hope to be part of the 3% of companies that have somehow eluded the threat of cyber criminals to date? Despite much of the litigation against directors and officers pending, and others unsuccessfully testing various theories, it is clear that preparedness, or lack thereof, is a common theme among the suits. Boards need to take an active role in the ongoing responsibility of cyber security, which goes far beyond simply trying to prevent intrusions.”

See what else JLT had to say in their new white paper titled What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You. Check it out by clicking the thumbnail below.


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JLT Specialty USA provides expertise and capabilities around key industry and product areas. JLT’s Cyber/E&O experts understand the complex nature of cyber risk across our client’ financial, operational, strategic, and people risks. We bring together the best-in-class tools, resources, and advisory services to deliver tailored and effective cyber solutions. For additional information please contact the author of the paper, Shannon Groeber, SVP at JLT.

HB and NetDiligence are proud to have JLT’s, Florence Levy, SVP, Cyber and E&O Practice, as one of the chairs of the NetDiligence Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum in Santa Monica in October. London-based Sarah Stephens, JLT partner and head of their Cyber, Technology & Media, E&O Financial Line Group, is on the faculty.  Learn more about this great event!