What You Need to Know About the New Rule 37(e)

Written By
Ariana J. Tadler
and Henry J. Kelston

“The Proposal was reduced to a simple and less ambitious rule designed to resolve a split among the federal circuits about the level of culpability required for sanctions for ESI spoliation”
“Despite the brevity and simplicity of Rule 37(e) on its face- particularly compared with earlier versions- there will be no shortage of motion practice over its application”

HB Litigation Conferences is proud to have author of  “What You Need to Know About the New Rule 37(e)” and ABP to Requesting Parties: Prepare for Proportionality,” Ariana J. Tadler of Milberg LLP, as a speaker at the March 2017 conference, Mass Tort Med School & Class Actions.

Tadler is also a panelist on the April 3 program in New York

 Mass Tort Judicial Forum with Hon. Corodemus and JAMS.