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Increasingly, the U.S. is  looking for ways to decrease our dependence on foreign oil.  There is the potential to recover huge amounts of natural gas in the United States through hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.”  With this process, however, comes concerns over the potential for environmental, property and personal injury damages.   This webinar – created by HB exclusively for the West LegalEdcenter®  features these leading insurance coverage practitioners who will discuss the pending and potential litigation, and how insurance coverage will be implicated:

JOHN SHUGRUE, Esq., ReedSmith

HUHNSIK CHUNG, Esq.,  Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP

When:  Nov. 30, 2012 at 2PM Eastern Time

Price:  $195 *

Credits: 1.5

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Program Agenda:

1)      Types of Claims Expected and How to Handle the Claims

  1. Pollution damage:  allegations of well water and ground water pollution that requires remediation.
  2. Personal injury
  3. Damage to property

2)       Potential Coverages Triggered – Does the Defendant Have Coverage Under Existing Policies?

  1. Discussion of a causal connection between the alleged injury and the fracking
  2. Duty to Defend where required under the policy

3)       The Pollution Exclusion:  What Role Will Causation Play in Determining the Application of this Exclusion?

4)       Trigger of Coverage Issue——Is Fracking a Single Event/Occurrence Or a Series of Separate Events/Occurrences that Encompasses Many Years of Activity and Exposure?

5)       Other Potential Coverage Issues

6)       Question and Answer Session