Russell Nassof Esq., Principal at TRC in Phoenix, spoke at HB Litigation Conferences’ “Chinese Drywall Litigation & Insurance Update” on Nov. 11 in New Orleans on a session titled “Home & Property: What Happens When CDW Hits.”

In this clip, Nassof says that when assessing risk it’s important to sort out what is known and what is not known about CDW in specific cases.  Is CDW present in the home?  If so, does the presence of CDW equal a problem?  How much is too much?  Does location in the home matter?  What information do you have to determine whether a builder used CDW?  What about field investigations and sampling?  Is the MDL protocol overkill?  How are builders responding to concerns about CDW? Nassof describes CDW as a “soup” of ingredients.  And in cases similar to CDW, the answer to what is causing the problem too often is “we don’t know.”  Video by U.S. Legal Support. Complete recordings available!  Click HERE.