First, one home showed signs of stress as cracks formed in its walls.  “The cracks soon turned into gaping fractures, and within two weeks [its] 600-square-foot garage broke from the house and the entire property — manicured lawn and all — dropped 10 feet below the street.  It wasn’t long before the houses on both sides collapsed as the ground gave way in the  . . . neighborhood in Lake County, about 100 miles north of San Francisco.”  That is how Associated Press reporter Tracie Cone explained the disturbing results of the sinking ground in Lakeport, California.  In one subdivision the Postal Service has stopped delivering the mail.  Cone goes on to report that several homes have been evacuated and several more face the same fate.  She quotes one resident as describing this as a “slow-motion disaster,” and explained that, where in Florida a home can disappear in a flash, “this collapse in hilly volcanic country can move many feet on one day and just a fraction of an inch the next.”  While water bubbling to the service is believed to be the culprit, it is an enigma as to how water has appeared on a hilltop during a shortage of groundwater, according to the news report.

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