HB is a proud evangelist of the work LRN is doing in the corporate compliance and ethics space.

TO:   Ethics & Compliance Professionals
FROM: Susan Frank Divers, Senior Advisor, LRN
DATE:  November 2017

RE: LRN’s 2017 Ethics & Compliance Effectiveness Survey

In keeping with our commitment to best practices, we invite you to participate in LRN’s 2017 Ethics & Compliance Effectiveness Survey. This year’s questionnaire focuses on how to build an effective ethical culture in your organization.

Your participation will provide insights into effective practices that we will share by publishing a report in early 2018. This comprehensive study on program effectiveness will provide data-driven best practices to drive value across your company, including a roadmap for operationalizing ethics and compliance.

This year’s questionnaire is modeled on the Department of Justice’s 2017 publication, Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs, centered on outcomes and results that go beyond checklists.


Thank you in advance for your participation. We have designed the survey to require about 15 minutes of your time. As always, your responses will be treated confidentially and will be used for LRN benchmarking and analysis only.

To show our appreciation, everyone who completes the survey by December 1, 2017 will receive a complimentary LRN video training vignette about encouraging employees to report unethical behavior. You may start and resume the survey at your convenience, but please aim to complete it by December 1 so that we may analyze the results and report findings back to you in a timely manner.

Thank you!