From Symantec: WannaCry: Ransomware attacks show strong links to Lazarus group

Symantec Security Response Team provides valuable insight to Wannacry, where “similarities in code and infrastructure indicate close connection to group that was linked to […]

Minerva Labs Discusses Its Role in the War on Malware

From ‘Evasive Techniques: An Introduction,’ a 2016 whitepaper from Minvera Labs. The company’s Co-Founder and VP of Research, Omri Moyal, is speaking on the ‘Cloud […]

Neiditz on Cyber Risk in a Big Data, Read/Write World

Cyber risks are evolving daily. There are the usual threats from hackers, angry employees, individuals with an ax to grind, nefarious competitors, organizations with various political or philosophical agendas, governments skilled in cyber espionage, or merely the careless. And there are the ever-changing ways we handle, use, share, store, connect and transmit data – more and more of it every second.