U.S. Magistrate Judge Facciola Joins “Too Big to Litigate” Forum on Cost-Driven Litigation — “The New Paradigm”

Hon. Facciola Sedona a Conference Advisory Board Member
Hon. John M. Facciola will join JAMS neutrals Hon. Janice Symchych (former) and  Hon. James Rosenbaum (former), and current U.S. Chief Judge […]

Great Reviews for (Re)Insurance Industry Outlook 2012!

Congratulations and thank you to the chairs and faculty of the (Re)Insurance Industry Outlook 2012 held in New York City on March 28. […]

VIDEO: FTI’s Hershman on Reinsurance Audits

Addressed Audience at HB’s Reinsurance Outlook 2010
Richard Hershman, senior managing director and leader of financial services for FTI Consulting Inc. spoke at HB’s Reinsurance […]