Michele Miles: When Picking a Financial Expert, Beware of Hormonal Imbalances

By Tom Hagy

Battle metaphors are frequent when talking about litigation and trials.  Verbs like kill, shoot, crush, and destroy are not uncommon.  Michele G. […]

Daubert Attacks Go Beyond Experts to the Supporting Data

OCALA, FLA. – In an interesting twist to what’s becoming the standard Daubert challenge, the party opposing the financial expert in this case not […]

Fierce Daubert Challenge Fails, Court Says Wait for Trial

A recent case out of federal court in Louisiana isn’t groundbreaking or unusual, but is illustrative of how attorneys swat at financial expert witnesses […]

Lack of Very Specific Experience Beats Expert’s Knowledge, Diligence in Painstaking Daubert Review

Baldwin v. Bader, 2008 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 56236 or 2008 WL 2875351
PORTLAND, Me.—This is the Maine federal court’s second look at what it called […]

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