Communicating with Juries: Trying Asbestos Cases in Offbeat Jurisdictions

When standing before a jury you must present a simple declarative sentence that delivers the essence of what your case is about. You need to be able to reduce your message to a sentence that a fourth grader can understand. If you cannot do it, get someone to help you. If, after this exercise, you still find yourself wondering [...]

Three Simple Rules For Trying Asbestos Cases in Offbeat Jurisdictions

Three Simple Rules For Trying Asbestos Cases in Offbeat Jurisdictions. Rule #1: You cannot blend, just don't offend them. I live in South Texas and I have watched people from Chicago and other places come in and try and pretend like they are one of us. They buy a pair of boots and they can't walk correctly. They sound like they just stepped off the set of [the 1980s era TV series] Dallas.

VIDEO: Mark Lanier Demonstrates Opening Statements

One of the country’s top trial lawyers, W. Mark Lanier of Texas, gave a demonstration of his trial skills at a conference in Philadelphia in January 2011, revealing at least some of what has made him such a force in the court room. Moving between mock demonstration and commentary, Lanier showed not only the passion he employs in openings, but explained some of the techniques he uses to [...]