How State Courts Differ on Equipment Manufacturer Liability in Asbestos Cases

The question of whether equipment, valve and component manufacturers can be held liable for asbestos insulation or gaskets added by third parties has been a hot topic lately in tort law and was discussed in depth by a distinguished panel of attorneys during a teleconference hosted by HB Litigation Conferences on Dec. 15.

VIDEO: Marc Gaffrey on Asbestos Litigation

Gaffrey on the “Next Asbestos” . . .
So benzene isn’t it.   And mold isn’t.  So what is the proverbial “next asbestos”?  […]

VIDEO: Mike Pietrykowski on Litigation Involving Asbestos Equipment Defendants

What is the status of asbestos litigation brought against equipment manufacturers? Hear what Gordon & Rees partner Michael Pietrykowski had to say earlier […]