Stranger Owned Life Insurance:
Who Is Behind It, Have They Targeted Your Company, and How Do You Stop Them
Recording Date:
March 31, 2009


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Agenda and Speakers

  • STOLI: How do you know what is STOLI? Can you get it off your books? Can you prevent it?
    Florida D.O.I. Report: What does it mean for the industry and what is next?
  • Litigation Update: How litigation is changing STOLI and the Life Settlement Market.
  • The Future of STOLI: Promoters and investors are getting smarter and designing innovative and ingenious schemes to thwart your efforts to stop them. How to stay ahead of the curve.
  • STOLI At The Claim Stage: How to identify STOLI claims and your legal options to rescind the policies.

P.A. Corky Gillis, CLU, Capitas Financial, Life Specialist, Advanced Underwriting
Jim Norwood, former Lead Investigator, AZ Dept of Insurance
Stephan Leimberg, Leimberg Services, Inc., Havertown, PA
Michael Mulvaney, Esq., Maynard Cooper, Birmingham, AL
C. Andrew Kitchen, Esq., Maynard Cooper, Birmingham, AL