Rein4ce’s “ReinsuranceGirl” Teams Up With HB on 2010 Roundtable

Public relations, marketing and networking — like so many things — have changed with the advent of social media.  Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are becoming truly effective tools — in the right hands.

Mairi MallonHB proudly announces a new sponsor and marketing partner for the 2010 Insurance Insolvency & Reinsurance RoundtableMairi Mallon, aka ReinsuranceGirl (her Twitter moniker) and the company she founded with partner Stephen Breen, rein4ce, is our newest sponsor.  Mallon will help spread the word about the event and help make connections among reinsurance practitioners and executives along the way.  Mallon and Breen are both journalists-turned-social-media-and-public-relations consultants for the reinsurance, insurance and risk management professions. 

According to their site,  the Glasgow-based rein4ce has “a network of some of the best re/insurance writers in the UK and Bermuda who can explain the issues to experts and lay people alike.”  They also claim “excellent contacts in the trade media, which means we can talk directly to key journalists on behalf of our clients.”  We hoped to see Mallon at our sold-out Reinsurance Claims & Dispute Resolution Conference (we’re trying to find more room!), but she is off to Monte Carlo for the 23rd Annual Reinsurance Rendezvous.

Please join us in welcoming Mairi and rein4ce to our event.  In the meantime, you can start following her on Twitter, where she tweets about events of interest to the insurance and reinsurance industry, including the Rendezvous. 

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–Tom Hagy