HB and 4A Security & Compliance proudly present

Sharing Healthcare Data:
Legal and Practical Considerations for Data Use Agreements

Thursday, June 2, 2016
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT


The sharing of healthcare data is an essential activity for the healthcare industry today. From treatment and operations to performance measurement, quality improvement, compensation and research, the use and analysis of healthcare data by a healthcare entity, and the disclosure of healthcare data to third parties is fundamental. There are a number of critical concerns for the use and disclosure of healthcare data, not the least of which address privacy and security. A data sharing agreement between the parties is essential, and must address issues such as the proper use of data; breaches; indemnification; and ownership of the data.  Join us as we discuss the legal and practical issues to be considered when framing data use agreements.

PanelistsHEASHAREweb16Panel Lisa Clark

Partner | Head of Health Interdisciplinary Group | Duane Morris

Eric Muther

Managing Director | Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance | Healthcare Improvement Foundation


This complimentary webinar is part of a series leading up to the Second Annual
4A Healthcare Data Security & Privacy Symposium 2016.