Recording Date: October 26, 2011
Duration: 1 hr 9 min
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Propecia: The Treatment for Male Baldness and the Injuries It Causes
•Propecia: What is it used for, its composition and why it causes injury
•The disclosed side effects of Propecia
•The alleged undisclosed side effects: sexual dysfunction, mental impairment, facial swelling, breast enlargement, prostate and male breast cancer
•European warnings, their impact domestically and FDA actions to date
•Client treatment and therapies
-Permanent vs. temporary injury
-Drug interactions – what else do you need to look for?
•Marketing strategies, reported cases and case screening
•Class action update
•Case theories, asserted defenses and statute of limitation hurdles, if any
•Tapping into manufacturer general liability policies: Best practices for maximizing claim values
•Practical tips for preserving the insurance asset
•Will D&O claims be triggered?

Alan Jacobs, MD
Edward Jazlowiecki, Jazlowiecki and Jazlowiecki
John Romano, Romano Law Group
Andrew Weiner, Dickstein Shapiro