Attorneys on both sides of mass tort and class action law are working to understand the full impact of the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction decision in BMS v. Superior Court. In his article for the Pound Civil Justice Institute, titled State Court Jurisdiction in the 21st Century, noted Law Professor Adam N. Steinman concluded:

“Establishing personal jurisdiction over a defendant is a crucial first step for injured parties wishing to obtain meaningful access to justice. Although the Supreme Court’s recent case law on personal jurisdiction imposes some new obstacles to personal jurisdiction in certain kinds of situations, there remain strong arguments for the exercise of personal jurisdiction in cases where injured plaintiffs sue in the forum where they were injured or otherwise suffered damages. State courts retain considerable leeway in such cases to keep the courthouse doors open, even under the Supreme Court’s recent jurisprudence.”

Adam N. Steinman, Frank M. Johnson Faculty Scholar and Professor of Law, University of Alabama. B.A., Yale University. J.D., Yale Law School.



The BMS v. Superior Court decision is one of the topics that will be addressed in the 2018 Mass Torts Judicial Forum with Judge Corodemus.