Audio and PowerPoints for Data Breach & Privacy 2016


Audio and PowerPoints presented at HB’s inaugural Data Breach & Privacy Litigation Conference held Feb. 11, 2016, in San Francisco.


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For litigators in the trenches of data breach liability litigation.
Or want to be. Or just want to get out of the cold.

Data breaches and the subsequent actions against breached entities are growing just as the number of breaches is growing. Suits are settling for many of millions of dollars (and some would say well under their potential value) and some are getting dismissed outright. What are the courts saying? How are settlements being structured? How are insurance carriers responding? What’s on the horizon in this emerging litigation? Our panel of leading plaintiff and defense attorneys, plus judges and regulators, came together to share their insights from the trenches and years of experience.

This materials is for:

  • Litigators, both plaintiff and defense, who need to learn more about this burgeoning area of law.
  • Companies who are engaged in or wish to mitigate or avoid litigation.
  • Insurers who want a deeper understanding of the underling litigation.
  • Legal professionals interested in data breach, privacy and telemarketing litigation.

What we covered:

  • Legal theories and defenses: what is working and what isn’t
  • The landscape of the litigation: where it is, who’s involved
  • Recent court decisions: an examination of their holdings
  • Settlements: an evaluation of the terms and conditions
  • Insurance coverage: what’s in, what’s out, what’s to come