Avoiding Corporate Damage From Compliance Failures During Crises

ATLANTA – Aug. 22, 2016 – Weaknesses in a corporation’s compliance program can be laid bare when a crisis hits, and they can come in a variety of forms.

Malicious data breaches endured by companies and, recently, political organizations. Epidemics, like the 2014 Ebola scare. Flooding, like that ravaging Louisiana. Computer network failures like the one that disrupted hundreds of Delta Airlines flights this month. Or a brand-damaging scandal when an employee or partner who goes off the rails, like performance-enhancing drug charges against sponsored athletes or sexual harassment charges against executives.

Earlier this year a major investment company was hit with a $17M fine for failing to prevent what the government called systemic anti-money laundering failures. Finding execs failed to act on numerous “red flags,” the government also fined the anti-money laundering program’s chief compliance officer – personally – $25,000.

HB Litigation Conferences is producing an event to share best practices for shoring up a company’s daily compliance vigilance and avoiding fines and reputational harm.

Co-chair Edward L. Queen, PhD, JD, professor in the Emory Center for Ethics, offers as an example Emory University Hospital’s handling of the 2014 Ebola scare.

“Physicians and nurses moved forward to treat patients suffering from Ebola. These first-responders acted amidst a national maelstrom of fear, ignorance, and even anger. In doing so they demonstrated a model for all organizations by turning a crisis that could have been into the crisis that wasn’t.”

Queen’s co-chair is Susan Frank Divers, Senior Advisor at LRN Inc., a global leader in compliance for many of the world’s largest corporations. Divers is former head of the award-winning global compliance program at AECOM.

Featured on the faculty are: 

  • Compliance leaders from Eli Lilly, UPS, and Emory Healthcare

  • An Olympic gold medalist & former COO of U.S. Olympic Committee

  • Communications pros from Voya, Aflac and Woodruff Health 

  • A crisis expert who has addressed Super Bowls and even terror attacks 

  • An award-winning educator from a top U.S. business school

  • A veteran news reporter now covering his third presidential election

  • A registered nurse and Ebola scare first responder

The regular price of the event is $495. Readers of this release may register two for the price of one, using promotion code PRN241.

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