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Managing Director

Tom Hagy, Managing Director. Hagy is a leader in niche publishing and product development for the law firm and corporate legal markets. Hagy began his career in 1982 as a legal news journalist. As managing editor, Hagy wrote, edited and launched a series of litigation and legal news reporters covering everything from mass torts to employment to intellectual property. His work included writing and editorial management of Mealey’s Litigation Reports: Insurance, Asbestos, Toxic Torts, Construction Defects, Reinsurance, Insurance Insolvency, Emerging Securities, Emerging Drugs & Devices, and many others (all still published today by LexisNexis). Prior to his time at Mealey’s, Hagy was associate editor at Andrews Publications (now owned by Thompson West), where he contributed to the Asbestos Litigation Reporter and Hazardous Waste Litigation Reporter, as well as reports on mass torts and bankruptcy. As publisher of Mealey Publications Inc., Hagy launched Mealey’s Conferences. In 2000, LexisNexis acquired the business from its founder and Hagy’s mentor, Mike Mealey. While vice president at LexisNexis, Hagy continued to manage Mealey Publications, developed litigation content and lead a team to create the 20 of the LexisNexis Communities featuring free news and commentary, blogs, podcasts, videos and myriad legal resources. Hagy also has served as vice president of the Specialized Information Publishers Association. Hagy formed HB to transform the Mealey’s Conferences business into a multimedia legal education company that offers programs, products and custom services to law firms and in-house counsel, retaining the majority of the former Mealey’s Conferences team. In addition to running HB, Tom drums with a band that sometimes calls itself Johnny Feedback & The Gluttons For Punishment. To contact Tom, click here.


Jane R. Hagy, Director.  Jane is responsible for  operational management, client development and client relations. Her career has been in the hospitality industry, specifically the casino hotel industry in Atlantic City. She also owned her own home staging business and worked in the non-profit sector for Court Appointed Special Advocates, or CASA, in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  Jane feels her hotel and hospitality experience has given her invaluable insights relevant to a conference planning operation. She prides herself in anticipating attendee and faculty needs and building a qualified database of customers, prospects and friends. Jane and Tom proud parents of two adult daughters. When not working Jane enjoys gardening, Pilates, yoga and hiking with company Mascot Shiloh (see below).

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Online Education

Kathleen Regan, Manager of HB’s Online Education Project. Kathleen joined HB in June 2012 and is responsible for project management and logistical supervision of webinars and e-seminars; marketing and promotion of live conferences; list updating and maintenance; sales campaign support; and overall marketing strategy. Kathleen previously served as a Director of Marketing and Conferences at Thomson West, where she was responsible for the marketing activities for 40+ titles in specific areas of litigation, including direct mail planning, copywriting, e-seminars, live conference events, preparation of collateral material, gen/auto shipments and communication with inside and outside sales force. Kathleen holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. To contact Kathleen, click here.

Business Development & Sales

Helen B. (Brownie) Bokelman, Director of Sales and Business Development. Brownie began her legal sales career with Anderson Publishing in Cincinnati Ohio in 1997. She joined the LexisNexis sales force in 2004 when Anderson Publishing was acquired by LexisNexis. In 2006, Brownie began working for Mealey’s Conferences another division of LexisNexis. She continued her sales career with BVR and now HB Litigation Conferences. Brownie brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience to our team. She is passionate about building lasting relationships with our customers. To contact Brownie, click here.

Customer Support

Kathleen McFadden, Office Manager. Kathleen has over 25 years of administrative experience. She joined Mealey Publications, Inc. in 1998 and remained with the team after LexisNexis acquired Mealey’s in 2000. Kathleen started her time with Mealey’s as receptionist, lending general office support required at any small, growing enterprise. She has assisted Tom Hagy, HB’s CEO, for 16 years in his roles as publisher at Mealey’s and vice president at LexisNexis. Again in the role of supporting a team at a small, growing company, Kathleen handles conference registrations and juggles many administrative duties. Kathleen began her career working as an administrative assistant for a hospital outpatient diagnostic facility and an insurance company. To contact Kathleen, click here.

Faculty Coordination

Donna Roberts, Faculty Coordinator.  Our conferences and webinars involve several hundred speakers — busy professionals who need to arrive at our events prepped and ready to go. This involves numerous conference calls for each panel. Donna coordinates all of our faculty and chair calls, scheduling and rescheduling as schedules change. As with any company, we all wear multiple hats.  Donna is no exception, and spends much of her time maintaining our growing customer database, picking up where our automated system, provided by HubSpot, leaves off.  To contact Donna, click here.

Vice President of Morale & Office Security

Shiloh at the Door

SHILOH (photo by Annie Hagy)