Covering Green Law’s Formative Years

Green initiatives and regulations are affecting — and even creating — a growing number of companies and industries.   Saving the planet and its natural resources?  What could be bigger?   History has shown, however, that important and well-meaning efforts, especially as expansive as “going green” and fostering global sustainability, can provide some bumps and unexpected downsides in their formative years.   History also has shown that attorneys and insurers — along with regulators, politicians and courts — are called upon to change what isn’t working, protect what is, and sort out disputes along the way.

We aren’t banking on “green going bad,” and certainly don’t wish for it.  The purpose of this report is to inform law firm practice groups — those focusing on sustainability, green law, construction, products, etc. — as well as manufacturers, insurance carriers, regulators and the courts — about the inevitable challenges and surprises such a sweeping movement will bring.

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Tom Hagy
Publisher & CEO

Vivi Gorman