A Complimentary Webinar Presented by LexisNexis®

Dangers and unintended consequences of new and proposed legislation in New York responding to the foreclosure crisis are explored by Bruce J. Bergman, author of Bergman on NY Mortgage Foreclosures, in a new CLE offered by LexisNexis. Mr. Bergman will answer questions and speak in-depth about new issues and what the future may hold for mortgage foreclosure law and practice in New York during a complimentary webinar on Nov. 3, 2011 from 2:00-3:30 PM, ET.

Bruce J. Bergman is a partner at the Garden City, New York law firm Berkman, Henoch, Peterson, Peddy & Fenchel, P.C. and concentrates his practice on real estate litigation and mortgage foreclosure. He has authored more than 350 articles on the subjects of mortgage foreclosure, real estate and construction law. He is the author of the 3-volume work entitled Bergman on New York Mortgage Foreclosures, published by LexisNexis, which is updated by its author twice a year. This year is the 20th year that the treatise has been cited by New York courts and it was recently cited outside of New York, by the California Court of Appeal.

Mr. Bergman will discuss the following topics:

•The unintended consequences of new foreclosure legislation
•The danger to lenders and foreclosing parties of contemplated and passed foreclosure legislation
•Standing: Is it even possible in light of proposed legislation?
•Impacts of residential foreclosure laws on commercial mortgages
•The problem of legislation awarding legal fees to borrowers
•The morass of passed omnibus foreclosure litigation effective 2010
•The peril of proposed New York City legislation on foreclosure and lender maintenance requirements

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