Mark Greisiger Assembles Blue Ribbon Panel for June Conference

As president of NetDiligence® (, Mark Greisiger oversees the cyber risk assessments of more than 300 companies a year for insurance industry clients that provide coverage for computer network breaches and data losses.   Greisiger says that about 90% of the companies his firm examines admit to having some types of system breaches.  Many could have been avoided and many more even go undetected.   Do you know where your data are?  Do you have an early alert system?  Do you have adequate insurance coverage?  Are you storing more customer information than you need? What is your record retention policy?  If you are an insurer, or an attorney who advises one, what do you really know about the company you’re covering?

Also, Greisiger has enlisted the services of HB  in assembling a stellar team of experts for the NetDiligence® Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum set for June 7-8, 2010 at The Union League in Philadelphia.

Hear what Greisiger has to say in this clip, 1 of 3, shot at the HB offices in Berwyn, Pennsylvania.  Listen carefully and you can hear the whoosh of cars on Lancaster Avenue (Rt. 30), many of which are likely exceeding the speed limit.