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Don’t miss this leading event for the cyber risk and insurance industry.

Learn about things like:

Insuring against this risk | Mitigating damage in the event of a breach | Technology to prevent risk | How to work with state and federal regulators | Breach investigations | Changes in privacy laws


Specific data breach and privacy laws relating to, as examples, healthcare providers and credit card companies; the types of lawsuits being filed by companies that have experienced large breaches, e.g. Target, Anthem, and even hotel chains, e.g. Marriott, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Trump.

Who should attend?

If your enterprise in any way touches cyber risk or privacy liability–whether you are new on the scene or need a deep dive–this event should be at the top of your calendar.

Who will be there?

Attendees comprise: insurance brokers; underwriters; attorneys; regulators (e.g. California Attorney General’s Office); technology companies; breach response service; risk assessment and prevention services; risk managers for large companies (e.g. Adobe); forensic investigators; law enforcement (e.g. U.S. Department of Justice, FBI); and others.



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