Cyber risks are evolving daily.  There are the usual threats from hackers, angry employees, individuals with an ax to grind, nefarious competitors, organizations with various political or philosophical agendas, governments skilled in cyber espionage, or merely the careless.  And there are the ever-changing ways we handle, use, share, store, connect and transmit data – more and more of it every second. Jon A. Neiditz is the practice leader for the information management group at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough.  In this clip, Neiditz talks about the expanding scope of cyber risk.   Social media, anonymous drop boxes, malware, whistleblowing, massive leaks, and the changing definition of “the bad guys” are among the themes.  He is on the faculty of HB’s NetDiligence® Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum taking place in Philadelphia in June 2011.