HB is proud to host forums for exchanging ideas, networking and even solving problems.  

It’s with that in mind that we want to draw your attention to the mission statement prepared by the three chairmen of our upcoming National Asbestos Litigation Conference.  

The Chairs’ Mission Statement

We know many of the faces in this long-standing litigation very well. For better or worse, we are a family of sorts! Regardless of the side of the table, we all face similar issues and need to work together to resolve some of the reccurring problems in “our” asbestos world. Therefore, as the chairs of HB’s National Asbestos Conference, we propose that part of our program be dedicated to a discussion of possible solutions to key issues. Throughout the day, we will dedicate time to this goal, in an effort to move towards improving the litigation landscape.

Joseph W. Belluck, Belluck  Fox LLP

Joseph J. O’Hara, Jr., VP & Associate GC, Owens-Illinois, Inc.

Michael J. Pietrykowski, Gordon & Rees, LLP


Thanks, gentleman, for all the work you’ve put into the program so far.  Customer response tells us you’ve put together one of our best programs yet.

Tom Hagy & Sharon Boothe