Those of us at HB Litigation Conferences LLC recently took over the Mealey’s Conferences business, which a couple of us actually started as part of Mealey Publications, now owned by LexisNexis. With the acquisition came one department that somehow escaped the due diligence scrutiny of three acquisition teams. The guys in that department, which they dubbed Mr. Legal Ed, produced educational video tapes for lawyers. Much of what they created was destroyed when a sink filled with oatmeal overflowed during an office brunch. We salvaged a handful of the recordings.  In this one, the Mr. Legal Ed team tried to demonstrate that — no matter how busy you are, no matter if you’re the last minute replacement of another last minute replacement, and no matter how much you hate to read — it is vitally important to study your witness’ credentials.  It’s a lesson worth learning, if not obvious.  Disclaimer:  the lessons shared here are probaby lessons 99.9% of you learned before your 13th birthday.  It’s to that 00.1% of folks that we say:  hang tough, we feel your pain, you can’t know everything.