We at HB Litigation Conferences LLC recently took over the Mealey’s Conference business, which a couple of us actually started as part of Mealey Publications, now owned by LexisNexis.  With the acquisition came one department that somehow escaped the due diligence scrutiny of three acquisition teams.  The guys in that department, which they dubbed  Mr. Legal Ed, produced educational video tapes for lawyers.  Much of what they created was destroyed when, in a desperate attempt at an alerntative revenue stream, the Mr. Legal Ed team decided to use extra office space to board llamas.  They aren’t as neat as you’d think.   We salvaged a handful of the recordings.  In this one, the Mr. Legal Ed team tried to demonstrate the importance of, frankly, coming clean.  If you know the witness, you might consider saying so up front.   It’s a lesson worth learning, if not obvious.  Disclaimer:  the opinions expressed here are not intended as legal advice.  The opinions expressed here are as authoritative as, say, directions you wrote on a napkin in a bar.  Or a recipe for a fancy drink.