josh ladeau

Return on investment for network security expenditures has traditionally centered on reduced risk, but Josh Ladeau says in a new white paper that organizations are now on the precipice of being able to measure security-related investment returns based on their potential impact to revenue.

Ladeau, CISSP, examines in the Theory of Security Monetization white paper some of the underlying factors driving organizations toward monetizing security investments.

At the core of his monetization theory is the drive for organizations to achieve BLIS (Business Led Information Security).

Companies will continue to focus on the security posture of their vendors, suppliers, and distributors, Ladeau said. Those organizations will benefit through higher relative revenue and/or more opportunities to compete. While such organizations will also enjoy a lower likelihood of being targeted and breached and a lower expense if they are ultimately breached, “the day is coming when those facts become secondary considerations for organizations contemplating investments around privacy and network security,” he said.

Ladeau’s white paper was issued in advance of HB Litigation Conference’s NetDiligence.® Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum, to be held June 7-8 in Philadelphia.