How Can You Prlemonfish-logootect Your Company’s Assets When You Don’t Know What Data You Have, Where It Is, or Who Has Access to It? 

Over the last several years, an untold number of data breaches have changed the face of business in America. Virtually every American has been affected by data breaches that have occurred at Target, Anthem, Adobe, Ebay, Hartland Payment Systems, U.S. Military, Sally Beauty and most recently CareFirst BlueCross Blue Shield. As a result of the relentless targeting of businesses, a new crop of professional service companies has emerged to help organizations prepare, respond and recover from data breach events.  Forensics firms, data protection companies, notification companies, crisis communications firms, and even a new legal specialty focusing on privacy have promised to help organizations cope with what can be a devastating event.  But even with all of these new efforts, none have been completely successful in preventing data breach.  If, in fact, a data breach is an inevitable part of today’s business, how can you protect the most valuable asset in your possession – your sensitive and critical data?  More to the point, how can a company protect its data if it doesn’t know what subset is important, its value, who accesses it, and where it is at all times?

Prioritize Data Protection

Not all data is equal so it should not be protected equally. Most companies are guilty to a degree of not knowing what data it owns, where it is housed, who has access to that data, or which data is more valuable than others. In fact, many companies do not know what subset of their information is Intellectual Property (IP), sensitive personal identifiable information, or critical business information and, thusly, what data is most lucrative to the company. Companies are unable to protect everything anymore, so they must prioritize and triage what information needs to be safeguarded.

Locate Your Intellectual Property Assets

From experience, most companies only know where a small percentage of their IP lies. Through a suite of technology approaches, LemonAid+ for Data Breach is able to pinpoint IP based on data types, locations, customer inputs, and most importantly, concepts. LemonAid+ searches all accessible data holdings to identify similar data for protection. By pinpointing critical assets, a company has the option of placing additional controls around critical information (i.e., access controls, digital watermarks, DLP tools, encryption, etc.), increasing its protection, and prioritizing deployment of resources to protect the most important company data.  Identifying your IP is a critical first step to protecting your data from a breach event.

After the Breach

Whether big or small, all companies have been breached in the last few years. The security paradigm has changed to one of  “when breached” rather than “if breached.”  Even when breached, however, many companies are not aware until months after the breach occurred.  Particularly in cases when the breach is small, businesses can be unaware that data was stolen until it is posted online and made public. This is why it is increasingly important to know what you should be looking for and be searching for IP to appear online.

LemonAid+ for Data Breach uses advanced and secure search techniques to quickly find your IP online reducing potential damage. Our tools allows you to find your most precious data if it has been stolen, breached, infringed upon, or generally disseminated on the Internet allowing further action by the company and its counsel.

Breaches are inevitable, but you no longer have to be completely vulnerable to them. Sophisticated data identification and protection programs, like those made possible through LemonAid+ for Data Breach, should be a critical part of your company’s business processes and effects both your bottom-line and your future.

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