Welcome to the world of MCLE!  January 2010 will bring a new requirement for NJ attorneys, but it should prove to be a rather painless endeavor.

At this writing, the New Jersey Supreme Court has not yet appointed a board to regulate the CLE process, but the following recommendations are expected to bee enacted as Rule 1:42 Continuing Legal Education:

  1. An MCLE requirement of 24 credits every two years
  2. . . . of those 24, 4 must specifically address ethics/professionalism
  3. NJ will report on a 50-minute hour, earning 1 credit for every 50 minutes of instruction
  4. A carry-over of 12 credits will be permissible from one cycle to the next
  5. NJ will implement a self-certification process (attorneys will document and report their own compliance, subject to audit)
  6. Credits earned from January 1, 2009 and forward will count toward first compliance deadline
  7. Alternate formats (teleconference, on-line, self-study, etc.) are acceptable

This information is available in greater detail for your perusal through NJCourtsonline.com, under “Notices to the Bar”, in the October timeframe.

Programs you have taken through HB Litigation Conferences over the course of 2009 will be approved for credit in New Jersey. HB will seek accredited provider status with NJ once the Board is established.


As always, you may contact me directly with any questions, comments or concerns at Barbara.hammons@litigationconferences.com.

And again, welcome to my world!

Barbara N. Hammons

CLE Manager