Maximizing Cause Challenges:
Getting Jurors to Reveal Their Biases
and Admit They Can’t Be Fair

November 9, 2016
2:00 – 3:15 PM ET
Complimentary Webinar


Join us on November 9th for this complimentary CLE-eligible webinar to learn goals of voir dire, including the value of pre-conditioning and questions aimed at eliciting juror bias. Dr. Christina Marinakis of Litigation Insights is a jury consultant with nearly 100 jury selections under her belt, and she will present concrete techniques for putting jurors at ease, getting them to reveal their biases, and formulating questions in ways that are most likely to elicit the desired responses. The session will also discuss the sequencing techniques to guide jurors who have revealed biases to reach the ultimate stage of admitting they cannot be fair, maximizing your cause challenges and providing a competitive edge at trial.

This complimentary webinar will bring you an excellent preview of some of the content that will be covered in Dr. Marinakis’ full panel presentation Trial: Voir Dire and Jury Selection at our upcoming Drug & Device Defense Forum, scheduled for December 13th in Philadelphia. Learn more about this conference here!