A Nationwide Review of  Data Privacy Regulation

BakerHostetlerLogoThe Privacy & Data Protection Team at BakerHostetler has just posted its latest survey on state regulations governing data breaches and handling of private information.  It is an excellent starting point in evaluating state-by-state risks and requirement.  It goes without saying that, given the dynamic nature of this field of law, regulation and technology, this chart is not carved in stone!

The survey addresses the following:

States In Which Definition for “Personal Information” is Broader Than the General Definition

States That Trigger Notification by Access

States That Require a Risk of Harm Analysis

States That Require Notice to Attorney General or State Agency

States That Require Notification Within a Specific Time Frame

States That Permit a Private Cause of Action

States With an Encryption Safe Harbor

States Where the Statute is Triggered By a Breach of Security in Electronic and/or Paper Records

Click here to download the complete collection of the BakerHostetler Data Breach Charts.  Also, the firm’s Data Privacy & Protection Team maintains a blog on the subject at www.dataprivacymonitor.com.

BakerHostetler’s Ted Kobus — a leading expert in this field — will once again share his insights at HB’s NetDiligence Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum which will be held June 11-13 in Philadelphia.  #CyberForum2014 @HBLitigation @NetDiligence