Verdict Said to be ‘Largest Ever’ in New York

Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C. has announced a verdict in a lawsuit brought by five men who claim they were exposed to asbestos while working as steamfitters, plumbers, and construction workers. The plaintiffs’ law firm said in a release that it secured a $190 million verdict yesterday, July 24, in a joint trial. The verdict is the largest ever of its type in New York, according to the release.

Weitz & Luxenberg’s trial team of Adam Cooper, Danny Kraft, Jr., and Daniel Blouin began the 11-week trial on May 10.

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Here is some additional information on the verdict:

Defense Counsel

Cleaver Brooks:
Elizabeth O’Neill, Hawkins, Parnell, Thackston & Young
Suzanne Halbardier and Shawnette Fluitt, Barry, McTiernan & Moore

Tom Radcliffe, DeHay & Elliston
John Fanning, Cullen & Dykman


1. Dr. Steven Markowitz
2. Dr. James Strauchen
3. Dr. Neil Schachter
4. Dr. David Schwartz
5. Dr. Nathan Rothman
6. Dr. David Rosner
7. Dr. Sheldon Rabinovitz (defense witness)
8. Dr. Benjamin Safirstein (defense witness)

Corporate Representatives

1. John Tornetta (Cleaver Brooks)
2. Donald Sweigart (Burnham)