Wed., Feb. 22, 2017
2:00-3:14 PM ET
A CLE-eligible complimentary webinar

Join a seasoned expert on jury attitude and decision-making us for a discussion of how jurors reach their conclusions and how the generation in which they were born can affect how they perceive your case.

What We Will Cover

  • An introduction into the rationale behind the generational perspective.

  • The general tendencies of jurors of the three most prevalent generational cohorts:

    • Baby Boomers,

    • Generation X

    • Millennials

  • Tips for tailoring your case for the seated jury.

  • Using social media to identify prospective juror biases.

  •  Answers to your questions.

    John Wilinski, M.A.
    Litigation Insights

    has assisted on numerous jury research projects for a wide variety of litigation including medical malpractice, product liability, commercial, intellectual property, employment and financial disputes. His education and consulting experience have endowed him with a broad range of research skills from jurors’ attitudes and decision-making processes to content analysis and interviewing techniques.  He brings with him experience in the diverse fields of education, broadcasting and media sales. Education: M.A., Communication Studies, University of Kansas; B.A., Radio and Television, Purdue University.