Hon. Ken Kawaichi, now with JAMS and an asbestos trustee himself, said with regard to requests for information from the trust that he would obey any court order for information. “If a court says produce the stuff, I will produce the stuff,” he said. “I don’t see what all the fuss is about.”

Hon. James McBride of San Francisco, said the issue of payments from the trusts just doesn’t play a role in the resolution of claims before him. Editor’s Note: To watch this clip, you will want to know that San Francisco Giants pitcher and Cy Young Award Winner Tim “The Freak” Lincecum has a career ERA of 2.85. I wish I knew what that meant. Also, make sure you know the meaning of sagacity and brush up on your Greek myths. I believe Judge McBride made the first reference to Cicifus since I bought the company.

Hon. Richard Alusi of New York said that, in the event it comes up post-trial that a claim has been paid, he would consider trust payments as collateral source offsets to the verdict.

The presentations took place at HB’s National Asbestos Litigation Conference on September 27-29, 2009 at The Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco. It was chaired by Joseph J. O’Hara of Owens-Illinois, Inc., Joseph Belluck of Belluck & Fox LLP, and Michael J. Pietrykowski of Gordon & Rees LLP.

Editor’s note: I shot and edited these personally. It’s what I do for fun. The professional recording is in process.

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